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Christine has been a "stitcher" since she was about 6 and her paternal grandmother taught her how to embroider (thanks Nana!).  She started Cross Stitching in her 20's and graduated to Needlepoint in 2000 (thanks Aunt Helen!).  Needlepoint, her family and AZ Schnauzer Rescue are her passions.


In October of 2014, Christine's fiance (now husband) was diagnosed with a rare type of lymphoma.  Needing something to do to keep busy and occupy her mind during this stressful period, she started making scissor fobs. Soon, fellow stitchers started noticing her creations, asking where she got them and  how could they buy them? She started a fledgling business... "Tango & Chocolate, Etc." needlework accessories.  A Facebook page and an Etsy store soon followed.


Meanwhile, Howard had gone through surgery, chemotherapy, numerous bone marrow biopsies and was declared cancer free just after their wedding in March of 2015! Friends and family joined them for their wedding and what was the happiest day of their lives at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.  After the wedding, Christine started focusing on making scissor fobs in the evenings and on weekends, as she has a career that also keeps her very busy as a shopping center manager.   Howard, retired and looking for something to do until Christine retires, realized an opportunity was at hand with Tango & Chocolate, Etc..  He started focusing on the management responsibilities of the business!  Christine and Howard are the owners of Tango & Chocolate Etc., LLC.  Christine is the Designer and Howard is the Eternally Patient Manager.  


Christine & Howard live in Arizona with their 2 Miniature and 2 Giant Schnauzers (3    out of the 4 are adoptees!).  Christine is a Shopping Center Manager, on the Board of Directors for AZ Schnauzer Rescue. Howard is a retired restauranteur, Manager of Tango & Chocolate, Etc. and Christine's rock.


We sincerely thank you for visiting our website.  Constructive comments and suggestion are always welcome.  Click on the comments tab and send us an e-mail!

About Tango & Chocolate...

Howard and I chose the peacock as our Tango & Chocolate mascot, Earnie,  because our wedding was done in a peacock theme... from the flowers to the "thank you" cookies each guest was given when they left the reception. 


The peacock has been considered a sacred messenger of the Divine by every major religion in the past 3,000 years.  Many cultures hold the belief that the peacock signifies rebirth, renewal and immortality.  The "Eye of God" that appears in the peacock's beautiful feather is a reminder that God watches over us.  To this day, the gift of a peacock feather signifies peace, love and joy.

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Our Girls

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